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giovedì 6 dicembre 2012


Posto direttamente da Tolonews:

Women Activists Slam Govt Silence Over Schoolgirl Murder

Wednesday, 05 December 2012 19:36 Written by Azim Arash

The Afghan Women's Network has condemned the killing of Kapisa schoolgirl, Anisa, who was shot dead allegedly by Taliban members on Sunday. The activists criticised the government for its silence over the incident in a gathering in Kabul on Wednesday and called for a thorough investigation of the case.
"The silence of the government over the killing of a volunteer of the polio campaign in Kapisa province is very unfortunate. We want an urgent investigation of the incident by the government," head of the Afghan Women Network Hafifa Azim said at the gathering. Anisa, a 16-year-old schoolgirl, was shot dead in a hail of bullets after leaving Mahmoud Raqi Girls High School on Sunday, according to the school and provincial officials.

Possible motives for the shooting have been linked to Anisa's work as a volunteer on a polio campaign, given the Taliban has publicly opposed polio vaccinations in some parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Several other speakers at the gathering including member of parliament Noor Zia Atmar called for the severest of punishments for those who planned and carried out the shooting. "The government must find the facts and punish those behind this incident," Atmar said. "It's very inhumane to kill someone who is performing a very prestigious and holy duty," Afghan High Peace Council Member Hawa Alam Noorsitani said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health has called for armed opposition groups not to harm the health workers."We strongly condemn the killing of this girl by the armed opposition groups and we urge them to be cooperative with the health workers," Public Health Deputy Minister Najia Tareq said.The Taliban could not be contacted for comment on the matter.

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