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sabato 13 febbraio 2010


From A to B – TransEuropa Journalism Award
Where did we start? Where are we now? Where are we going?

It is time to be Active and to Believe in your abilities around Europe. The 'From A to B' contest is about YOU – your world and your moves! Where are you coming from and where are you going? From A to B tells a European story, the story of people who move around the continent. A and B are variables, and it's up to YOU to fill them with life. The topic of the contest is „Mobility in Europe“ in all aspects: tell a story or create a report about love, travel, work, study or anything else you consider as connected to mobility in Europe, its development, and its horizons. Submissions can be a Text, a Photo, a Video or an Audio file.

Prizes: The contest prize will be a Trip to Bologna to attend and report on the activities of Transeuropa Festival. The contest winners will be awarded during the event. Additionally the winner with the best Audio or Video submission will get an Adobe® Software packet (Creative Suite® and Photoshop). The winner in the Photo category will win an Adobe® Photoshop packet and the winner in the Text category will get 250 Euro.

Deadline: 20 April 2010

Participants: All Young media enthusiasts from 18 to 35 years old living in geographical Europe.

Promoted by: European Alternatives, Youth Press Italia, Youthmedia and the European Youth Press.

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